KA3323 is a retro-futuristic contraption. KA3323 takes the form of an interactive satellite dish overgrown with alien plant matter and reacts to the sounds of space. Audiences are invited to engage with the contraption to discover its origins and purpose. 

‘Voices’ or ‘machines’ can be heard across the intergalactic continuum. Visitors can use a joystick on the control hub to hunt for signals in the night sky by moving the dish and filtering sounds through the radio spectrum. KA3323 pulsates slowly with a steady beat interpreted from the live atmosphere around the satellite until someone finds and ‘locks on’ to a signal. When an incoming source is received, the display blinks into life. The volume and frequency of the signal correlates with different brightness levels and colours in KA3323's integrated lighting system.

Watch as signals travel through the contraption’s circuitry and trigger light states and movement in the foreign plant life. Not only will viewers see signals dance in front of their eyes, they will also hear the hidden signal sources. KA3323 encourages viewers to look beyond the night sky and wonder what secrets lie beyond the stars.



KA3323 has been presented at:

  • Vivid Sydney 2019
  • Parkes 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing


KA3323 is available to hire. Please contact us for further information.