ES121 Motion Control Screwdriver (Steel)

  • $160.00


  • Upgraded 121 smart programmable motion control electric screwdriver
  • Slim 304 stainless steel housing body with pen shape and knurling design, anti-slip convenient to hold
  • Equipped with 1:64 reduction gear motor (ES120 is 1:144) ensure larger rotation speed up to 380 RPM load-free(ES120 is 170RPM) providing strong torque
  • Equipped with SMT32 MCU and 3-axis gyro with motion control enables the user to screw or unscrew just by a thumb slight moment
  • 300mAh 10440 lithium power supply with micro USB port can be charged by the laptop, phone power adapter
  • 16X96 OELD display the screwdriver working status, one key control with 5 class torque adjustment, easy to operation
  • Sleep mode when no operation over 15s, power saving
  • Support firmware updating through a computer in the future, intelligent
  • 4mm socket design compatible with most precision screwdriver bits, convenient
  • Come alone with PH00 SL2.0 screwdriver bits and portable pouch easy to store and carry and also include
  • 14pcs extra original screwdriver bits include PH0,PH2,SL1.5,SL3.0,SL4.0,H1.5,H.0(ES-B7 common type),PH000,T4,T6,T8,T10,P2,P5(ES-A7 type)


Package Includes:

1X ES121 Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

1X PH00 Screwdriver

1x SL2.0 Screwdriver

1X ES-A7 Screwdriver Bit Set (7pcs)

1X ES-B7 Screwdriver Bit Set (7pcs)

1X Cleaning cloth